Horizontal Directional Drilling works on a Turnkey basis, including the following in accordance with Local Authority/Client's requirements:

  • Obtaining trial pit NOC from all concerned authorities and consultants.
  • Trial pit excavation works to locate all services within the vicinity of the drilling location.
  • Soil investigation at the drilling location & preparation of drilling profile.
  • Method statement & bentonite slurry mixing procedure
  • Traffic diversion / control arrangement with the approval of RTA
  • Pre-drive road levels prior to carrying out directional drilling works.
  • Preparation of drive and receiving pits.
  • Dewatering works.
  • Supply & welding of HDPE pipes.
  • Directional drilling works as per the approved drilling profile drawings.
  • Filling of bentonite & disposal of excess bentonite drilling fluid to authorized locations
  • Post-drive road levels after carrying out directional drilling works.